Saturday, 14 September 2013

Sorry for the lack of posts

We are extremely sorry for the lack of blog posts recently, this is due to us improving our blogs however we hope to be back tomorrow for a match report on the Juventus vs Inter match. Thank you Juventini !

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Juventus News Today 11/09/13

The Head Coach of Russian team Anzhi has confirmed that striker Lacina Traore will join Juventus. This guy is truly a beast at 6 foot 8 and he has scored 35 goals in the last two seasons.

Reports in Portugal are saying that Juventus will make a bid for Real Madrid left back Fabio Coentrao in January as the Bianconeri feel that, that is an area of the pitch that needs to be worked on.

Juventus had the fifth biggest turnover last year in the world. This shows that Juventus are back on track after relegation to Serie B and it shows that only bright things are to be expected in the future.

Guiseppe Marotta has confirmed that Juve will open talks with Andrea Pirlo, Arturo Vidal and Paul Pogba over a new contract. I think that these three players are essential to the team and the future and Juve cannot afford to lose any of them.

Last night Italy confirmed their place in the 2014 World Cup but the talk of the game was about Juventino Gianluigi Buffon who tied Fabio Cannavaro's record of 136 appearances for Italy. The game was held at our very own Juventus Stadium to respect Buffon's great service to Nation's football team.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Happy Birthday Juventus Stadium !!!

Today marks the second birthday of the Juventus Stadium. The stadium has only been standing two years but these two years have been filled with great memories and thankfully not very many disappointments. The stadium has definitely pushed the club forward and shows the ambition of the great Juventus Football Club.

Before the new J Stadium the Bianconeri played at the Stadio Delle Alpi and shared the ground with neighbours Torino. The Stadio Delle Alpi was built for the 1990 World Cup. Despite being a beautiful stadium not many supporters liked it due to the running track that surrounded the pitch which meant that the supporters were a long distance from the pitch. This factor meant that despite being the most supported team in Italy they were never filling up the 67,000 capacity but in 2003 the fans rejoiced as Juventus announced that they had bought the stadium off of the council. In November 2008 the club announced that they would build a state of the art stadium on the original site of the Stadio Delle Alpi. The project cost Juventus €120 million in all but it was definitely worth the money and it was finished on the 8th of September 2011. The Juventus Stadium has downsized from the Stadio Delle Alpi holding only 41,000 but the fans impact is definitely ten times better. The main problem with the Stadio Delle Alpi was the distance from the pitch to fans and Juve have definitely fixed this problem with fans sitting just 7.5 metres away from the pitch and the fans happiness has shown as in the old stadium it was never filled up whereas in the new J Stadium it has filled up many many times with its record crowd capacity being 40,823. It has not only held many great fans but also many great memories and none other than two consecutive Serie A's being lifted in the centre of the pitch. Not only have Juventus fans noticed the greatness of this stadium but also the whole footballing world as the UEFA Europa League Final will be held in the home of Juventus.

After touring the stadium I have to say it is definitely spectacular and by far the best stadium I have ever visited and I have visited a lot of stadiums. The stadium for me is a huge part of Juventus and being the only club owned stadium in Italy it gives the club a great sense of pride. It has been the host of many great memories and I am sure it will be hosts to many more memories in the future.

Happy Birthday Juventus Stadium

Highlights from the first ever game at the Juventus Stadium

Friday, 6 September 2013

The Legends of Turin's Finest (Series 6 Antonio Cabrini)

We are sorry that this series was absent for a few days. The reason for this was that at World Sport News Network we have recently been very busy making many things better such as opening a Google+ community so unfortunately a few things had to be put on hold and to our disappointment this was one of those series that was set aside. Nevertheless we are back and we will be sure to make up for this absence so to start this off we will begin with a female favourite, Antonio Cabrini.

While many men were jealous of Antonio Cabrini it has to be said that every man wished that they could be him. Cabrini was known as Bell' Antonio because of his appearance and ability to attract many many women but not just that he was also an incredible footballer, he was able to achieve every mans dreams and more.

Cabrini was an Italian left back and a good one at that. He impressed a lot in the early stages of his career and it took him just three years to move from Serie C side Cremonese to Italian Champions Juventus while spending a brief time at Atalanta in-between. Many of you are probably thinking that he was not a loyal player and after playing for three different teams in three years but he found Juventus as his home. Bell' Antonio spent 13 years in Turin playing 352 Serie A games while scoring 35 goals. After thirteen years in a black and white top winning six Serie A's, two Coppa Italia's, one UEFA Champions League and more he moved to Bologna to play out his career. He was regarded as the best left back of his generation and even now he is thought to be one of the best ever so it was no surprise that he also had a great International career. He was part of the legendary 1982 World Cup team that won the World Cup alongside other Juve legends such as Dino Zoff and Claudio Gentile. In his Italy career he made 73 appearances captaining the side ten times and he even holds the record of most international goals for a defender with nine. He ended his International playing career in 1987 but in 2012 aged 54 he resumed it as the manager of the National Women's Side which comes to no surprise as he is a man for the girls.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Juventus News Today ! 5/9/13

Giuseppe Marotta has reportedly been busy trying to sort deals out for the January transfer window just 5 days after the summer window closed. Its been reported that Marotta is working on deals for Nainggolan and Zuniga who had been targets this summer but were not able to complete their moves to Turin.

Xabi Alonso's contract ends with Real Madrid next summer and it is no surprise that Juventus are trying to sign the 31 year old. Many doubt this Juve tactic of signing old players but obviously it can work with a great example being Andrea Pirlo.

Marc Oliver Kempf had been tracked by a lot of top name clubs this summer and when he began talks with Juve it looked like Juve had won the battle but it was not to be and Kempf's agent has recently told the media that he did not a agree a deal because he didn't think that Kempf would get a lot of game time in Turin.

It was a surprise this summer to see Emanuele Giaccherini leave Juve this summer for Sunderland and yesterday at the Italian Training Base he said that it was hard for him to leave Turin but he ultimately decided to leave to get more regular football.

Juventus and Napoli have been said to have done the best business during the transfer window in Italy. Juventus added much needed quality up top with Carlos Tevez and Fernando Llorente meanwhile Napoli replaced Edinson Cavani with many new signings and none other than Gonzalo Higuain.

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Downfall of the Serie A !!!

Hi Juventini and in fact any supporter of the Serie A this is a special blog focusing on what has happened to the Serie A and why. This blog is dedicated to our Twitter followers from @bianconerinewz as our account was down for just over a week and we have decided to dedicate this special blog to make up for our time away.

The Serie A in its Prime

In the 1980's and 90's the Serie A was the greatest league in the world by far. It was so good that even if the Barclays Premier League of today was around then the Serie A would still be ten times better. AC Milan had the likes of Van Basten, Juventus had Platini and Zidane meanwhile arguably the best player ever Diego Maradona even played in the Serie A with Napoli. Every team looked up to the teams in the Serie A and its dominance was huge with an Italian team being in every Champions League final from 1989 to 1998 except from once. This is a remarkable record and I doubt this will ever be matched. So just 15 years ago Serie A was easily the best league in the world but why is it now rated the fourth best league in the world.

                                       Stars Leaving

In England during the time of Zidane at his peak the Barclays Premier League, which is the best league in the world at the moment was beginning to rise and stars from around Europe began leaving for England meanwhile over in Spain the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona began receiving money and therefore big stars were leaving for the big bucks. This obviously affected the Serie A and this was the beginning of the downfall. The biggest move away from the Serie A was Zidane to Madrid and this soon became a trend for players in the Serie A to leave for England and Spain. At first these transfers were not seen to be able to affect the league however it did and it did a lot. For starters many of the big stars were leaving the Serie A which lead to quality being lost but ultimately the top players were not being attracted to the Serie A but joining the Premier League or the La Liga. This meant that not only were players losing interest in the league because of the quality players but also fans around the world were losing interest.

Calciopoli Scandal

In 2006 the top Italian teams were struggling to compete with the big English and Spanish clubs who had a lot of money to spend but that was the least of their problems when the Calciopoli Scandal was released. It was uncovered in May 2006 when Italian Police had found a big network of relations between team managers and Serie A referees. This had been found through intercepted telephone calls with Juventus being the main culprits while other big Italian clubs such as Milan, Fiorentina and Lazio were also proved guilty. Juventus were given the biggest punishment by being relegated to Serie B and having nine points deducted and also had two Serie A titles taken away meanwhile other teams found guilty were given points deducted for the upcoming season. This scandal effected the Serie A a huge amount and it is no surprise why people believe this is the main reason to the downfall of the Serie A. Many of the players at the guilty clubs especially Juventus left for more chance of success. Juventus were left in a terrible position as many of the high profile players such as Ibrahimovic, Cannavaro and Thuram all left. Overall this effected the league a huge amount as not only were the few big stars leaving making the the Premier League and La Liga stronger but also making the Serie A weaker. Many fans lost respect for the teams involved in the scandal and probably the biggest disappointment was that the best Italian team Juventus had been relegated and were not able to compete for trophies in Europe and Serie A for a long time.

                                                     Tessera Del Tifoso

In 2009 an Identification card was produced to identify fans from specific clubs. This card is used too buy tickets to watch football games and contains all personal information. The card is then checked by police at the entrance of the stadium. It was created to prevent a problem in Italian football, which is Hooliganism however it has done anything but that. Fans are outraged at the use of the card and in fact the card has not helped prevent hooliganism one bit. Rather than helping Italian football it has in fact damaged it even more with crowd attendance dropping immensely with the average attendance being around 23,500 which is terrible compared to the Premier League which has an average attendance of around 34,500 that is around 11,000 more fans a game. 

Serie A on the rise again !!

Despite the recent problems the Serie A has had it is on the rise again. The most successful Italian team Juventus have finally recovered from its relegation to Serie B and are starting to look like a real force after winning two consecutive Serie A's and are even competing in Europe once again. The lack of money in the league has almost had a positive side effect as great new talent is emerging such as Balotelli, El Shaarawy and Paul Pogba which can only lead to great success for Italy and the Serie A once again.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Juventus vs Lazio Match Review !

Juve began their 2013/14 season campaign well last week with a 1-0 win over Sampdoria however Juve's first home game of the season looked to be a harder competition as the Bianconeri faced Lazio. Juventus were the favourites after they beat Lazio 4-0 in the Supercoppa just weeks before. Despite a harder opposition than Sampdoria Juve were still able to completely dominate and made Lazio once again look silly as the Bianconeri were able to knock four past Marchetti once again as the game finished 4-1.

Both teams were unchanged from the first weekend of the season and both looked strong with chances early on from both sides but it was Juventus who broke the deadlock just 13 minutes in. Pogba played a perfect lobbed ball over to Vidal who poked the ball under Marchetti. Vidal doubled his tally in the 25th minute when he side footed the ball past Marchetti after a pass from Bonucci who had made a great run out of his centre back position. The Bianconeri looked like they would have the game won however just two minutes after Vidal's second Lazio got a goal to get them back in the game. Hernanes shot from distance and Buffon parried the ball straight into Klose's path who slotted the ball under Buffon. Lazio arguably finished the half on top but it was Juve who started the second half best and this was justified when Vucinic poked the ball past Marchetti after a great long pass from Bonucci. The game was then sealed when Hernanes was sent off for a deliberate hand ball and from there on the game was a walk in the park. Tevez came close to getting third goal in three game when he rocketed the ball on to the crossbar. This didn't knock Tevez though and in the 80th minute he did put the ball in the back of the net from long range.

This was a great result for Juve in a great start of the season. Juve have a 100% win record in the early stages of the season. I think the performance last night showed the strength of the Bianconeri and showed that no matter the strength of the team Juve come up against they can bulldoze passed them. This result has surely sent fear down all the teams in the Serie A and hopefully this result is a sighter of what is to come.