Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The history of Juventus football club ! ( Chronological order )

Juventus, Serie A's finest.

Starting out

Juventus were founded as Sport Club Juventus in late 1897 but were renamed as Foot-Ball Club Juventus two years later! Their first kit was pink and black and they first played in the Italian football championship when entering around 1900. They first won this league in the year 1905 whilst playing at the 'Velodromo Umberto' ( playing now in Black and White stripes ). In 1906 Juventus were going through a tough time and many disagreements!

Great football

The Italian side got very lucky in the 1920s when the 'Fiat' owner Edoardo Agnelli took control and built a new stadium. The club then really looked strong and in the season 1925/26 Juventus absolutely stormed the league and got their second title, in this season the main instigator was Antonio Vojak scoring many, many goals! He scored 42 goals in 102 games for the Turin Giants!             

New strikers

In the 1930s everyone knew Juventus and it was all about them, they were the best of Italian football! They proved this by winning a record of five consecutive Italian championships! Juve switched to the Stadio Comunale and for about 10 years they couldn't carry on their league dominance but, in the 1950 period Juve grabbed back 2 consecutive league titles! This was the era of Welshman John Charles, famous striker boniperti and Omar Sivori... it lead Juve to grab the first league and cup double winning Serie A and Coppa Italia. Juve legend Boniperti retired in 1961 and held a 45 year club record of most goals for the club scoring 182 goals!

The second star

Juve started the the 1980s well and they won three more league titles by 1984. By this time Juve had one 20 Italian championships and earned themselves a second star onto their kit and they were the only Italian club to do this! In the mid 80s a player named Paulo Rossi was very famous due to helping Italy's victory in the 1982 world cup and earning player of the tournament, he was also named European footballer of the year.

 Rossi 1982 world cup

Another Juve player, Michael Platini ( French ) was another man to be awarded the European Footballer of the Year title but  for three years in a row; 1983, 1984 and 1985, which is a record. Juventus were the only club to have players in their side win this award 4 years in a row. In 1985 Juve were the first club in European football to win all three major UEFA competitions. Here's a special fact, to this day Juve are the only club to win all possible confederations competitions and the world club title.

Platini in the 1982 world cup

In 1990, Juve moved into their new stadium, the Stadio delle Alpi, which was built for the 1990 world cup!

Lippi the legend

In around 1995 new boss Marcello Lippi took over and had an extremely successful season helping Juve to win their first league title in a good ten years. In this era 2 of Juves best ever strikers were about - Baggio and Del Piero. Lippi lead Juventus to the Champions League the following season!

In the late 90s when Edgar Davids and Zinedine Zidane were around and helping them win more and more Serie A titles along with more cups and competitions!

In the early 2000s Juventus started signing more and more big names including - Pavel Nedved, Gianluigi Buffon, David Trezeguet and Lillian Thuram... this was after Lippi's one season absence and as soon as he came back sure enough he helped them get 2 more league titles. In 2004 Lippi was given the role of being Italy's national head boss.

Match fixing

Fabio Capello became manager in 2004 and won 2 more league titles after this. However, in May 2006 Juve and four other clubs were demoted for being linked to a Serie A match fixing scandal. At this point Juve were a Serie B team who had two Serie A titles stolen in the last 3 years!

Due to their demotion into Serie B many great players left the club including Cannavaro, Thuram and star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Although great players left the club, many of the greats stayed and some of these were Buffon, Del Piero and Nedved... also some of the youngsters such as Claudio Marchisio and Sebastian Giovinco were brought into the team!

As expected Juve got promoted straight back up winning the league and Del Piero ( captain at the time ) grabbing golden boot with 21 goals.

 Alessandro Del Piero

Juventus are back !

Juve came back into the Serie A in 2008 and carried on being successful and as you know Juve are one of Serie A's greatest team and they won the Serie A last season !