Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Team expectations for next year ! (Juventus)

Last year was arguably less successful, out of the Coppa Italia in the semi-final, a very poor exit to the Champions League and ultimately the failure to go unbeaten but in the end the aim of the game is to win the league and they done that easily. With Antonio Conte sitting in the stands for the beginning of the season the team still managed to fly through the league and after beating Napoli they looked to be comfortable in the league. Despite a minor slip up mid way through Juve still managed to win the Scudetto extremely easily.

At the end of last season it was pretty obvious that Juve needed a striker. Well that problem was solved with the purchase of Llorente and Tevez and now I feel Juve can challenge not only for the Serie A title but also the Champions League. I expect Juve to finally complete the double which they still haven't done since the promotion from Serie B. The only thing I think that Juve can work on is their bench as I feel there is no real game changers on the bench and if the team is cursed with a series of terrible injuries then the World Class team can easily become a merely average team. Even if they do not add to their squad anymore I think that they will breeze through the league again with their main rivals Napoli losing their main man Cavani.

Expected Finish = 1st