Saturday, 3 August 2013

Team Expectations for next year ! (Genoa)

Genoa in my eyes had a terrible season last year finishing just above the relegation zone in 17th place. They started their season brightly when they went unbeaten in five of their first eight games but then started slipping due to a lack of experience and talent. This led to De Canio's sacking in October and he was replaced by Delneiri who was soon to follow in De Canio's footsteps as he gained eight points from a possible thirty nine. Delneiri's replacement was Davide Ballardini who had a tough start against Juventus and despite losing the game they impressed with attacking football which was not seen throughout the early stages of the season. With help from new signings and tactics Ballardini led Genoa to safety where they only lost four games in seventeen.

Next year I think that for Genoa to challenge higher up the table I think that they need to stick with one manager. The constant changing of managers unsettles the players and it takes time to adapt to each managers style of football and that is why I think that Genoa faced the battle they did. Despite this their is rumours that Ballardini the man who did exceptionally well to keep Genoa in the top flight will be replaced by a new manager. I think that another thing they need to change is the experience of the squad. Even though the young talent of the squad is great without the experience neither the young players or the club will progress. I see Genoa next year fighting another battle to stay in the Serie A and I think this is down to the big, important men in the club who don't seem to know what they are doing and are making many wrong decisions for the club.

Expected Finish = 15th - 17th