Thursday, 1 August 2013

Team expectations for next year ! (Fiorentina)

Last year was truly unbelievable for Fiorentina. They had many many high and when they had the occasional low it was a rather out of the ordinary low like their head coach Delio Rossi slapping Adem Ljajic in the middle of the Novara game. Fiorentina had an unbelievably incredible season finishing 4th and coming within touching distance of the Champions League. Their new coach Vincenzo Montella had turned the team into a relegation battling team to Champions League contenders. They had a poor spell in January where they failed to win a single game and this is what many say was the reason they didn't qualify for the Champions League but anyway finishing 4th is still a huge achievement for the club.

Next year I see Fiorentina being able to challenge for Champions league next year despite the departure of Stevan Jovetic to Manchester City. To be fair though I do not feel Fiorentina will miss Jovetic as much as most people think they will because he had a very poor season last year yet the club still managed to get a great position. I think if Fiorentina will want to challenge for the title then they will need to strengthen their defence quite a bit because last year they did concede a lot of goals. If they can keep their midfield just the way it is next year then I am sure that they will do well. With Cavani leaving Napoli I see an opportunity opening for Fiorentina and that is why I expect them to do well next year.

Expected Finish = 1st - 3rd