Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Team expectations for next year ! (Lazio)

In my opinion Lazio had a poor season in the league despite the excellent performances they had. They started the season extremely well and after a slight blip where they loss 4-0 to Catania they managed to go on 16 match unbeaten run. This pushed the team from Rome into second place and made them real Serie A contenders. The one problem they had though was depth throughout the squad and when a few injuries hit the squad they gradually slipped down the league table. They managed to beat Juventus in the Coppa Italia and even went all the way to the final where they beat their arch rivals Roma but despite being title contenders in December they managed to fall down to seventh by the end of the season which in my opinion is a poor finish to a good season.

I think that Lazio will finish higher in the league next year and definitely challenge for the Champions League spots if they make a few changes. I feel that Lazio rely on Miroslav Klose too much and this proved during last season when he was injured and they found it hard to score many goals. He is also getting quite old and surely we will soon see a dip in his performances. I think that Lazio should therefore invest in a new striker to either play alongside Klose or even be used as a back up striker. Lazio defence in my eyes in quite good and the quality of it is high but once again the age for me is a problem and I feel that they will need to invest in a few younger defenders to take the roles of the current defenders when their performances start to dip. Even if they make these challenges I do not expect them to challenge for the title but at most challenge for a Champions League spot.

Expected finish = 4th - 5th