Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Team expectations for next year ! (Chievo Verona)

Chievo had a decent performance in the 2011/12 season finishing 10th and when they won there first game they looked to be on track for another 10th place finish but after five straight defeats the manager Domenico Di Carlo was sacked and replaced by Eugenio Corini. Chievo had little spells and even beat Napoli and Lazio and Roma at the Stadio Olimpico. Chievo won when they desperately needed them too and this helped them achieve a 12th place position.

Next year I feel will be tough for Chievo. Despite not many players having any interest to leave they are finding it hard to attract players and I am pretty sure their boring style of football isn't helping. Manager Eugenio Corini has already said his goodbyes after a fall out with the club and with their local rivals Hellas Verona returning to the big stage it creates two extra hard and unpredictable games for Chievo. I don't expect Chievo to come anywhere near to challenging for the Scudetto but one thing I'm pretty sure on is that they won't have to fight a relegation battle.

Expected Finish = 12th - 15th

News Today 31/07/13

Juventus are planning to swoop for impressive young Belgian Adnan Januzaj

Reports are saying that Norwich City will meet with Juventus over the possible transfer of Quagliarella

Real Madrid are planning to offer £19 million for Giorgio Chiellini but Juventus do not plan to even hold talks over a possible transfer

Juventus will only sell Vucinic to Zenit if they pay at least €15 million

Reports are saying that Manchester United have made a €30 million bid for Marchisio

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Team expectations for next year ! (Catania)

Catania were a big surprise last year in the Serie A. The season started off badly when there manager Vincenzo Montella left for Fiorentina. He had got them to 11th the year before but he was replaced by Rolando Maran who impressed at the Sicilian side. They had an excellent defensive record under Maran keeping 13 clean sheets and he guided the Sicilians to an 8th position which Catania haven't done for over forty years.

At the moment Catania's future looks to be bright. Their isn't too much speculation around any of their star men and their manager looks settled in Sicily. Despite this the team they have at the moment is only a mid table team and will not challenge for any sort of European spot unless they are able to do increase the quality in their team. They also need to invest in some reinforcements. There bench is bare and with a bench like they have then they won't be able to challenge anywhere near the top. I expect if Catania can add a few new faces then I think they will be able to challenge for an Europa League squad but even if they don't I do not expect them to have any trouble staying in the league.

Expected Position = 5th - 8th

Monday, 29 July 2013

Juventus fixture list 2013/14

Today the official list of fixtures for the upcoming season were announced and this is the list ;

1:          Sampdoria vs Juventus
2:          Juventus vs Lazio
3:          Inter vs Juventus
4:          Juventus vs Hellas Verona
5:          Chievo Verona vs Juventus
6:          Torino vs Juventus
7:          Juventus vs AC Milan
8:          Fiorentina vs Juventus
9:          Juventus vs Genoa
10:        Juventus vs Catania
11:        Parma vs Juventus
12:        Juventus vs Napoli
13:        Livorno vs Juventus
14:        Juventus vs Udinese
15:        Bologna vs Juventus
16:        Juventus vs Sassuolo
17:        Atalanta vs Juventus
18:        Juventus vs Roma
19:        Cagliari vs Juventus

I think that Juve have a rather hard line up of fixtures having Lazio and Inter back to back and Torino, Milan and Fiorentina back to back. Despite this I am glad that Juve have Inter and Lazio at the beginning of the season because it gets two tough games out of the way and also makes them have to work hard straight away and therefore shouldn't lead to a laid back nature in the first few games.

Team expectations for next year ! (Cagliari)

Last year the Sardinian club faced many problems but surprisingly ended up finishing 11th. Cagliari didn't have a proper home stadium which caused many problems, there president Massimo Cellino was in prison for a short period of time and they sacked their manager in October. Despite all of these hurdles to overcome they managed to find some sort of form and had a great home record and managed to finish a reasonable 11th.

If they expect to finish anywhere near 11th again they are going to need to sort out their stadium. Without a proper stadium they lose support from their fans and ultimately lose out financially. Even if they fix this problem they may face problems with players departing as their star men Nainggolan and Astori look almost certain to leave and other star players such as Sau and Ekdal are attracting interest from other clubs. If they fail to sort out the stadium and lose there star men then I can only see them having to fight a relegation battle but i'm pretty sure that even if they only sort out one of the problems next year I don't see them challenging for the title but I'm sure they will have a comfortable season.

Expected finish = 9th - 12th

News Today 29/07/13

It is thought that PSG are looking to bring in former Juventus director Roberto Bettega to replace Leonardo.

Marotta has denied Isla going to Inter and also said that he thinks the Zuniga deal will not happen anymore.

Zenit are interested in Mirko Vucinic and Juventus have said it will cost them €15 million.

Juventus are interested in young Argentine starlet Ricardo Centurion who has attracted a lot of attention all around the footballing world for his incredible performances in the top flight of Argentine football.

Diamanti has said that he does not want to join Juventus despite the interest because he is happy at Bologna.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Photo Gallery !!! (Series 4)

This is a photo gallery made by me. This is the fourth series out of ten. Feel free to use any of the edits I put up on here, I hope you enjoy !!!

Team expectations for next year ! (Bologna)

Last year was hard for Bologna as they had no consistency throughout and found it hard to live up to their performances of the year before. They had a very poor start to the season and in January looked like they were going to have to face a relegation but they had winning streak even beating Inter at the San Siro. They ended up finishing in a not so bad 13th position but compared to the season before where they finished 9th they must have regarded last year as a not so good year.

I expect Bologna to face a tough season next year if they lose Diamanti. Manolo Gabbiadini looks like he is going back to his original club Juventus and with the Bianconeri looking at Diamanti, Bologna could face real trouble. But Bologna do not need to worry so much as Diamanti has said he is happy at Bologna. I expect if they dream of reaching their 9th place finish again then they are going to definitely need to sturdy up their defence and this was proven when they were smashed 6-0 to Lazio. I do not expect Bologna to face that many problems next year as long as they keep their star men and improve their defence but I do not expect them to come near to challenging for the title.

Expected Position = 9th - 12th

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Team expectations for next year ! (Atalanta)

On the 24th of August the 2013/14 Serie A season will begin. As per usual there will be 20 teams competing. Last year Pescara, Palermo and Siena were relegated down to Serie B and Sassuolo (Champions of Serie B), Hellas Verona (Runner up of Serie B) and Livorno (Play off winners) have taken their place in the top flight of Italian football. Over the next few weeks I will talk through every team in Serie A and say what I expect of them in the coming season. The first team I am going to analyse is Atalanta.

Last year Atalanta faced a rather frustrating season however overcome a number of big obstacles to finish 15th. They had to start the year with a six point deduction but surprisingly did well and pushed up the league table. But this good form wasn't to last long and in January some of their best players Federico Peluso and Ezequiel Schelotto left for more successful teams and this was the start of Atalanta's downfall and they only won five of their last twenty six games. Despite this they still managed to survive relegation rather easily.

I expect Atalanta to face a rather tough season next year. Their is lots of speculation around their star men such as Bonaventura, Denis, Consigli and Cigarini all receiving interest from top teams like Juventus, Inter, Milan and Fiorentina. If Atalanta lose all of these players next year then they will be straight down to Serie B but I dont not expect them to lose all of them. The main priority for Atalanta is to keep Bonaventura because he is a great young talent who is only going to get better and if they have him in their team then they will always be in with a chance of staying in Serie A. I do not expect Atalanta to challenge at all for the championship next year but I'm sure if they do not lose all of their star men then I expect Atalanta to safely be a Serie A side in 2014/15.

Expected finish = 12th - 15th

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News Today 27/07/13

According to reports in Italy, Fabio Quagliarella is on his way to the Premier with Norwich the favourites to sign him.

Juventus have had a bid of €5.5 million rejected for Zuniga as Napoli want €10 million.

Juventus and Manchester City are in talks over the possible transfer of Aleksander Kolarov.

Both Merseyside clubs Liverpool and Everton are said to be interested in Alessandro Matri.

Juventus have signed two young starlets this summer. Roman Macek who is 16 years old and claimed to be the Czech Wonder kid and 17 year old Younes Bnou Marzouk who is a 17 year old Striker.

Friday, 26 July 2013

What is the Jeep US Tour ???

This morning a 30 man squad flew out to the US for the Jeep US Tour but I was wondering "What is the Jeep US Tour?"

This tour is taking place between late July and early August where Juve's sponsor Jeep have lined up some exciting Pre Season activities. Of which the Bianconeri will be competing in the Guinness International Champions Cup. This is a Pre Season tournament with some of the most celebrated clubs in the world. This year Juve will take part in the Cup alongside Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, Everton, Chelsea, AC Milan,Valencia and Inter Milan. The eight teams have been split into two groups of four with Juve having Real Madrid, LA Galaxy and Everton in their group. The eight teams then meet up again on the 6th and 7th of August in Miami where there will be the Final, third and fourth play-off, fifth and sixth play-off and seventh and eighth play-off. Juve's first game will be against Everton on Wednesday 31st July at 8pm local time, join us at for the match review.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Juve name 30 man squad for Jeep US Tour 2013 !!!

The Bianconeri will travel to the US tomorrow for the Jeep US Tour 2013. Juventus' first stop will be at San Francisco. Antonio Conte has taken a 30 man squad with him to the states and this is it;

De Ceglie

Stay tuned at for any news coming from the States relating to Juve.

Juventus Photo Gallery (series 3)

This is a photo gallery made by me. This is the third series out of ten. Feel free to use any of the edits I put up on here, I hope you enjoy !!!

News Today 25/07/13

Juve are looking to Sampdoria's 23 year old midfielder Nenad Krsticic as a long term replacement for Andrea Pirlo.

Juventus are very close to signing new Moroccan star Younes Bnou Marzouk as reports are suggesting that Juve have agreed a deal with Metz (his current club)

Young goalkeeping talent Nicola Leali will today find out where Juventus will loan him out to with Sassuolo favourites to get him.

Juventus are tracking Parma winger Biabiany but Juve will find competition from Lazio.

Juventus are interested in young dutch left back Jetro Willems who is currently playing for PSV

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Special post for Vincenzo !!! Who was my favourite legend who ever played for Juve ???

Well Vincenzo for me this is a rather easy decision despite all the legends that have played their football at Juventus. I used to play as a centre back for my local team despite never being able to watch this legend play for the Bianconeri my dad always said that I reminded him of this legend and this legend was Claudio Gentile and since that day Gentile was always my idol. My dad would show me clips of Gentile and I wished I could play just like him.

Gentile was a rock at the back for Juventus and Italy and whenever an opposing attacker knew they had to play against Gentile they knew that they had to bring another pair of pants. Gentile was a real tough nut and wasn't scared of nobody and was prepared to play dirty if he needed to. Gentile is probably known more for his man marking of Maradona in the 1982 World Cup than he is anything else. With Maradona being the best player in the World at the time every defenders nightmare was to face him but Gentile just took the role like he was marking any old random player. Gentile man marked Maradona the whole game and Maradona didn't even have a sniff of a chance. Years after this game Maradona said "He was my shadow" that proves how tightly he marked the Argentine.

Hope you enjoyed the post Vincenzo. Who was your favourite ever Juventus legend ?

Special posts decided by you !!!

To all of you that follow us on twitter @WorldSportNews3 will know that we had planned to do a special blog when we reached 1500 views. Well we surpassed 1500 views yesterday and we have nearly reached 1700 but due to some unexpected circumstances we are not able to do our special blog so we will instead do a special blog at 3000 views. For those who are disappointed by this we are sorry but to make it up to you we will be doing special posts for anyone interested. All you have to do is comment on one of our blogs your name and what you would like us to talk about. This really is up to you, we will talk about anything you wish from transfer news to giving a shout out for your blog. We will post our blogs for you as soon as we can and it should be within a day of you commenting us.

Player expectations for next year! ( Carlos Tevez)

Due to Carlos never playing in the Serie A before we all don't really know what to expect from him but this is what I expect of him through watching him in the Premier League. 

Tevez is a small, agile and fast player who is capable of scoring from far, close or just about anywhere. I expect him to be a great player for Juve and I'm sure he will get a starting position next year. His physical and technical abilities are great and fit into the style of play in the Serie A. I'm sure he will fit into the Serie A and score lots of goals and even challenge for the top scorer. I think Tevez is the sort of player Juve have been missing, a straight to the point, no nonense finisher who ia garanteed to score goals even when he ia not playing good. I also expect him to work great with Fernando Llorente, Juve's other new striker and hopefully the two of them can create a great partnership that scores plenty of goals in the Serie A in the coming seasons.

This is the last of the Player Expectations series I hope you enjoyed them and be sure to join us every day as we have all the latest Juventus News. FORZA JUVE

Player expectations for next year! ( Fernando Llorente)

It is hard to know what to expect from Llorente as he has never played in the Serie A before however this is what I expect from him due to his performances in the La Liga.

I expect Llorente to be a starting player next year at Juventus because he suits the Serie A perfectly. His tall, strong appearance makes him a perfect target for set pieces. His physical attributes also make him a great player to hold up the ball and knock the ball down to his attacking partner. Not only is he physical he is also skillful. You can rely on him to score you a goal whether that be a scrappy goal or a lovely shot fron 25 yards. I expect him to score a lot next year and I also expect him to link up excellently with Tevez. The two seem to be the perfect striking partnership and I expect them to score a lot of goals between them.

Player Expectations for next year ! (Mirko Vucinic)

Last year Vucinic for me was a big disappointment. He frequently missed chances that really should have beeb scored and for me wasn't a good enough striker for the Italian Champions as he wasn't consistent enough and you couldn't really rely on him to score goals.

Next year I expect Vucinic to still be a Juventus player despite the interest he is receiving from the Barclays Premier League champions Manchester United. I do not expect Vucinic to receive much game time at Juve next year because of the signings of Llorente and Tevez. Compared to these two strikers, Vucinic is terrible and shouldn't even be in the same squad as the other two. But there is a reason he gets played a lot and that is because other strikers love playing with him. He is not the greedy type and would rather pass the ball across goal than take the chance himself. Maybe this is what Vucinic is missing and if he can become that little more greedy next year he will score more and therefore get a chance in the team and most importantly earn more respect from the fans.

Player expectations for next year! ( Sebastian Giovinco)

Last year in my opinion Giovinco didn't play that bad and was always sure to give the opponents centre half a workout but for a Striker he does not score enough and last year he only scored 7 goals in the league. He makes up his height disadvantage with his pace but once he gets past the defender he doesn't usually make it that hard for the keeper to save his effort.

I expect Giovinco next year to be a game changer off the bench. When he is tired he is faster than most so when he is up against defenders who are tired and he is fresh then the defenders don't have a chance. But what I expect him to work on the most next year is his finishing. If he can improve in this area then I'm sure he will become a great striker who every defender in the league will fear. But unfortunately he will not get a look in to the starting XI as Juve's new signing is the finished product of what Giovinco could be so unless Tevez hits some terrible form, Giovinco looks to only appear off the bech next for Juventus.

Player expectations for next year ! (Alessandro Matri)

This guy impressed me in the 2011/12 where he was our top goalscorer and was a prolific goal scorer. But last year Matri was terrible. He was always in and out of the team and was never really able to hit any form. And for me his performance last night in the TIM cup summed up his season, lazy and sloppy.

I expect Matri to be a Juventus player come September the first but to be honest I hope he isn't. He just doesn't seem to be the finisher he used to be. Two years ago if he went one on one you would be 90% sure he would score however last year you would only be around 40% sure he would score. This was proved last night when he missed numerous half chances and when he took his penalty he skied it. I want him next year to be more hungry and determined but if I'm totally honest from what I have seen this last year I really do not expect this but maybe if he can improve his finishing and be less lazy and more determined he can revive his career at Juve.

Player expectations for next year ! (Claudio Marchisio)

Last year Claudio had a great year with Juventus. When Pogba broke into the first team Marchisio was pushed into a more attacking role where he played very well but due to it being his first time he didn't have the best of attacking qualities.

I expect Marchisio to carry on being a first team player next year however I think his role will be slightly different. With the signing of two strikers this means that two will be playing up front next year rather than just one which happened last year and gave Marchisio the attacking role. This means that Marchisio will have to brush up on his defending skills once again but I am sure Marchisio would like to play in that attacking role again one day so I think that Marchisio's attacking skills will still improve, especially his shooting skills as we all know he isn't the best goalscorer so even when he isn't playing as attacking he is still scoring goals.

Player expectations for next year ! (Andrea Pirlo)

Last year Andrea Pirlo had a great year playing in the centre of midfield. After his free transfer from Milan many people thought his career at the top level was over but as he has proved for Juventus and Italy is that he is still a class central midfielder and despite his physical capabilities falling his technical skills are just as good as they ever have been.

I expect next year to be if I'm honest one of Pirlo's last. With the game getting more physical, Pirlo's old age has meant that he is not able to be as physical as others. The past years he has been able to play his own game no matter how fast or slow the game is but I fear if the game is more physical then not only will he not be able to string his passes together as well he will also get injured more and he will not be able to play a whole game. However many people thought this last year and he proved every one wrong so hopefully he can prove many people wrong again because he truly is one of the best technical players in the world.

TIM Cup Review

The champions of the TIM Cup came a surprise to everyone as newly promoted Sassuolo beat Serie A giants 2-1 in the final game to secure the victory. The first game between Juve and Milan ended 0-0 and Milan went on to win on penalties. The second game was Sassuolo vs Juventus where once again the game finished 0-0 and had to be decided by spot kicks of which Juve went on to win. The final game of the TIM Cup was between Milan and Sassuolo. With Milan strong favourites they went one up in no time but then found themselves losing the game 2-1 which made Sassuolo the champions.

This pre season tournament was mainly to work on fitness rather than getting a result. Conte said this after the tournament "Our legs were heavy and we were tired. This was not the real Juve. We have much work to do." This shows us that Conte focused more on fitness than class in this tournament and this tournament could be a huge help for Juventus in the upcoming weeks as Antonio Conte has been able to see where his players are fitness wise and he can decide how much more work needs to be done to be able to retain their Serie A title and as Conte said Juve still have much more work to do.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Juventus vs Sassuolo Match review TIM Cup

In the second game of the TIM Cup the Champions of Serie A took on the Champions of Serie B, Sassuolo. On the back of a defeat from Milan, Juve lined up a slightly different team of Storari, Lichtsteiner, Ogbonna, Peluso, Isla, Padoin, Rossi, Asamoah, De Ceglie, Matri and Vucinic. Meanwhile the champions of Serie B, Sassuolo lined up with Pomini, Gazzola, Antei, Terranova, Longhi, Kurtic, Magnanelli, Missiroli, Berardi, Zaza and Alexe.Once again the 45 minute game didn't give enough time for either team to really make an impact.

 In the first 10 minutes Sassuolo came very close to going one up after Kurtic's shot was saved onto the post by Storari. Meanwhile Matri and Vucinic missed numerous half chances which should have put Juve at least one up. Juve's young talents Berardi and Zaza who are on loan to Sassuolo were showing good football and proving a handful for the Juve defence but they weren't the only  young talent on show as Juventus gave a number of young talents still at the club a chance off the bench. There wasn't many chances on goal however Rubinho was forced into a good save on the 30th minute from a Terranova header. The game finished 0-0 and like the first game it went to penalties. Quagliarella missed Juve's first penalty but when Rubinho saved Sassuolo's third penalty from Alexe Juve looked back in with a chance. The fourth penalty for Juve was taken by Matri who blasted the ball over the bar and with Missiroli scoring Sassuolo's fourth penalty all Terranova had to do was put the fifth penalty in the back of the net but he was not able to do this and Rubinho pulled off a great save to take the penalty shoot out to sudden death. With Motta scoring the sixth penalty the pressure fell down to Berardi who was unable to put away his penalty which meant that Juventus won the second game in the TIM Cup. Join us soon for the tournament review and meanwhile lets hope that Milan slip up so that Juve win the pre season tournament.

Juventus vs Milan Match Review TIM Cup

The first game of the TIM cup was of two Serie A giants Milan and Juventus. The length of the game was 45 minutes so it was hard for a team to push ahead. Juve lined up with Storari, Lichtsteiner, Ogbonna, Peluso, Isla, Padoin, Vidal, Asamoah, De Ceglie, Llorente and Tevez. Meanwhile Milan lined up with Abbiati, Antonini, Bonera, Mexes, Constant, Traoré, De Jong, Nocerino, Boateng, Robinho and Niang.

The game which was only 45 minutes long proved hard for any team to push forward and get a goal. However Milan had a great chance when Robinho's penalty was saved by Marco Storari who dived to his left to keep the scores 0-0. The 45 minutes ended 0-0 and the game had to be decided by penalties. Juve's second penalty which was taken by Lichtsteiner was saved by Abbiati to make the scores 2-1. The next 2 rounds of penalties were perfect until Nocerino blasted the ball over the bar to make the scores level once again. Due to Nocerino's miss which would of won Milan the game the penalties went to sudden death where on the seventh round of penalties Padoin's was saved by Abbiati which meant that Milan won the first game of the TIM cup. Next up is Juventus vs Sassuolo, be sure to join us in around 45 minutes where we will have the match review of this game too.

Juventus squad for TIM cup

Tonight Juventus are involved in a pre season tournament with Milan and Sassuolo involved. The three will play each other and first of all Juventus take on Milan. This is the starting XI;

De Ceglie

Join us later for a match review of the Juventus games and a tournament review.

Player Expectations for next year !(Paul Pogba)

Last season Paul Pogba was a huge surprise to all as no one expected him to even appear for Juventus but instead played so well when he was given a chance that by the end of the season he was a first team player. He showed that he is a good physical and defensive player but can also go forward with great skill and he can score some great goals.

I expect Paul Pogba next year to only get better and better. He has already shown that he is a perfect central midfielder and at a very young age can break into the Italian champions. Pogba has improved unbelievably and it has not gone unnoticed and I expect this to carry on. He is able to score and defend but his main weakness is his cockiness and aggressiveness. This guy can sometimes let his emotions take over and well he does some stupid things like spitting in someones face. If he carries on with this sort of drama then many people will not rate him as highly as he should be. Despite being a great young player who I feel can be a legend at the club I think he will find it hard to find a starting XI place next year because last year Juve played just 1 up front which allowed an extra midfielder however with the signing of Tevez and Llorente it adds an extra striker to the formation and takes away a midfielder which is probably the young Pogba.

Player Expectations for next year ! (Arturo Vidal)

Arturo had a great season last year showing the world what a class player he is. I thought he was our player of the season by far. He scored a lot of goals last year but also when he had to defend he defended very well. He proved himself a very determined and committed player but at times he was a bit to much of these two qualities.

Due to Vidal's outstanding performances last year he has been a matter of interest from top clubs like Real Madrid who are even looking to make a $50 million bid for the Chilean midfielder. However I expect Vidal to stay at Juventus and have another great season. Now with Pogba in the middle with him he will be able to push forward more often and with the two being physical players, attackers are going to find it very hard to get through and if they do they are sure to get through with bruises all over their bodies. I think however that this is his only weakness, his aggressiveness. At times it is good to be aggressive but in some cases like Vidal's he is to aggressive and at times can find himself being sent off which leaves the team an almighty battle with only 10 men. So I think that if Vidal can tone down his anger just a little bit he will be the perfect midfielder.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Juve's best all time XI (part 4)

In the final series of Juve's best all time XI I will talk about the players who made the bench and finally the manager.


Gianluigi Buffon

Gigi is our current keeper and a great one at that. With great reflexes and the captains armband you are sure to get a great performance from him.


Fabio Cannavaro

Fabio is the most capped Italian footballer. Cannavaro was also the captain of the 2006 Italian team that one the World Cup in Berlin.


Ciro Ferrara

Ciro transfered from Napoli to Juventus and was given a starting place straight away and he didn't lose that starting position for 10 years. He was regarded as one of the best central defenders of his time.


Didier Deschamps

Deschamps was a very strong defensive midfielder who started his sporting career of playing rugby. While at Juve he won 3 Serie A titles, one Coppa Italia, two Italian Super cups, one Champions league and one Intercontinental cup.


Pavel Nedved

This guy called the "Czech Fury" was a very dedicated footballer who was very talented. He was very unlucky not to get in the starting XI as he was a very good player who also won a Ballon D'or while at Juventus.


Omar Sivori

This Italian Argentine player was a true force upfront for Juve 135 goals and in 1961 he won the Ballon D'or.


John Charles

This Welshman was voted the greatest ever foreign footballer in 1997. He scored an awful lot of 93 goals in 150 apps. He was called the "Il Gigante Buono" for his big appearance yet good personality.


Gianluca Vialli

Vialli transfered to Juventus for a World record fee of £12.5 million from Sampdoria in 1992. While at Juve he won the Coppa Italia, Serie A, Italian Supercup, UEFA Champions League and the UEFA cup.


Giovanni Trapattoni

The current manger of the Republic of Ireland had a great managerial career and for me was Juve's best ever manager. He was manager at the Bianconeri between 1st July 1976 to 30th June 1986. During his time at Juve he set a new European record as he won all the UEFA club competitions. 

Juve Photo Gallery (series 2)

This is the 2nd series of 10 where I will be doing photo edits of all things Juve and Italy. Feel free to use any of the edits I put up on here.

Juve news today 22/07/13

Napoli fans have turned on Zuniga after reports have suggested that he is on his to Napoli rivals Juventus.

In training yesterday Mirko Vucinic had a row with a supporter who was apparently abusing the Montenegrin however all was resolved quickly and Vucinic even signed an autograph for the player.

Lorenzo Insigne has said he will never play for Juve even if they tripled his wages.

Manchester United are looking at signing Mirk Vucinic if Wayne Rooney does leave Old Trafford.

Reading FC and Juventus could be linking up on a partnership deal which gives the young talent of Juventus a loan opportunity at the English side.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Player Expectations for next year ! (Martin Caceres)

I rate this guy a lot and I feel he did very well last year considering the back three were so strong it was almost impossible to get a chance. However when he did get a chance he took it and performed excellently showing what a great player he really is and he was also able to score a few goals as well.

I think next year will be a hard year for Caceres with  the signing of Angelo Ogbonna he is going to find it even harder to get into the team. But I think Juventus cannot let a talent like him go and I truly hope he is given either a chance at Juventus or a chance out on loan. I expect when this guy gets a chance next year he will show that he is a great defender who can play anywhere along a back four and can attack and defend just as good.

Player expectations for next year ! (Mauricio Isla)

This player came into last year with high hopes, everyone thinking he would be a great success at Juventus. Well they were wrong and for me Mauricio was the worst player last year. He seemed lazy and not wanting to run for the ball and also seemed to lack the quality he had shown at Udinese.

To be honest I hope Isla is not a Juventus player by the begging of next season and with Inter interested he looks like he could be on his way out of Turin. However if he does stay I expect him to be at most a bench warmer and unless he improves the quality and determination of his game then I think he won't get a look in at all in the team. After all this criticism I have to say that while at Udinese he was a class act and Class is permanent and Form is Temporary so last year maybe he found it hard to settle in and perhaps next year he will be able to set in and show what sort of player he really is.

Player Expectations for next season (Kwadwo Asamoah)

Last year Kwadwo was out due to injury for a while however when he did play he proved to everyone that he is class. Many expected him to be second best to fellow signing Mauricio Isla but that was very different. Kwadwo was brilliant going forward and his pace left many defenders for dust but going back wasn't brilliant.

I expect Asamoah to be brilliant next year as long as he can stay fit and injury free and also work on his defensive skills. I am sure he will do even better next season because last year was his first time having a defensive role so now he has played there for a while I expect him to get more used to it. I expect him however to face more competition next year as Antonio Conte is looking to bring another player in the same position with Juventus looking at Zuniga and Kolarov but I am sure if Asamoah can keep his level of performances as high as he did last year he will have no problem staying in the team.

Player Expectations for next season (Stephan Lichtsteiner)

I think that Stephan had another great year last year and was able to go forward much more and this showed as he scored a lot more last year. I think that also defensively last year he was very good and it was a rare sighting to see a player get round him. However there was a lot of controversy around him due to his physical or seemingly aggressive play.

Hopefully the speculation that Stephan is leaving Turin is all false and he carries on to have another great year at Juve. I expect him to once again show to others why Juventus fans regard him as one of the best in his position. I think that his defensive and attacking abilities are excellent and there is very little room to improve there but one thing I do hope Lichtsteiner cuts out of his game is his aggressive and physical manor. This is because in certain cases he is to aggressive and physical for example against Celtic last year and this is what gives Stephan his bad name but if he cuts this out then I expect football fans all around the globe to regard him as a much better player.

Player expectations for next season (Leonardo Bonucci)

Leonardo last year had the season of his life in my opinion. Bonucci was part of the back three that impressed many with their defensive skills and ability to not concede however Bonucci was even better and took the ball forward a lot more last year which gave Juventus another option going forward. But as we saw on many occasions he was not the best at shooting and nine times out of ten the ball was closer to going out of the stadium than it was to going in the back of the net.

I think that Bonucci will be a starting player next year but he will have to keep his level of performances high to stay in the team. I hope to see Bonucci working on his shooting abilities next season so that he adds another dimension to his game. And the only thing I hope he works on defensively next year is to cut out his occasional terrible mistakes such as a weak back pass or giving the ball straight back to the opponent when we have just done well under pressure to keep the attack out.

Juventus to release a film !!!

On November the 1st 2013, Juventini will be able to view the film Black and White stripes: The Juventus Story. This film links the Agnelli family and Juventus through the good and bad years of the Turin club. The film will contain many Juventus footballers playing themselves and also important figures in the club such as Andrea Agnelli. The film will be shown in Italian and English. For me this is a must watch and should be great. I can now not wait for November the first and hopefully the film lives up to its expectation.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Player expectations for next season (Andrea Barzagli)

Last year Andrea was an important part in the back three that kept one of the best defensive records in Europe. He was able to read the opponents play excellently but not only defending brilliantly he also scored a few last year and was a main target from set pieces.

Andrea is getting on a bit now aged 32 and I feel that next year may be his last year playing at the top level however as shown by other defending greats like Maldini you can still defend well at an old age. Hopefully the purchase of Ogbonna will lead to better performances from Andrea Barzagli who will have to fight for his place next season more than ever. But with Chiellini and Bonucci surrounding him at the back I am sure that next year Andrea will once again be a great defender who is part of an even better back three.

Player Expectations for next season (Angelo Ogbonna)

Last year he went into the Serie A season with high expectations but with many injury troubles he ended up only playing 22 games for Juve rivals Torino. Depite this he did prove his quality and this earned him his transfer to the Serie A champions.

I think that due to Juve's great back three last year of Chiellini, Bonucci, Barzagli he will not be a first team player at the beginning but only a replacement for either of the three. This means that he will have to prove himself in training and in games he does play in. But this doesn't mean that he won't be a prolific player next year as Pogba was in the same situation last season and now is starting XI player. I think that Ogbonna will only really start in the cup games or when someone is out but I feel he has the class to gain a position at the back but just needs to show it when he can.

Player expectations for next year (Giorgio Chiellini)

Last year Giorgio missed much of the season through injury but when he was playing he proved himself a great player. He showed us that he has adapted his game to a more attacking style where he likes to push forward as much as he could but when he needed to defend he did and he did it well.

I hope that if Giorgio can stay fit and injury free next season he will have a great season and a great impact on the team as he did by just being fit last year. I think that his attacking skills will just get better and better and instead of just pushing the ball up from the back I hope to see him scoring much more next year not just from set pieces but also from open play. Meanwhile I think the signing of Angelo Ogbonna will create more competition at the back which can only mean that the performances at the back will be improved or the players will lose their place.

Player Expectations for next year (Gigi Buffon)

Gigi had a great year last year with Juve notching up the level of his performances and he was getting recognised for this and he put his name up there among the best last year once again. Conceding just 26 goals last year Gigi was very reliable and at times made some amazing saves that either won us the game or kept us in the game. He had only two poor performances last year, both against Bayern where he conceded four goals in two games and all four were arguably possible to save.

This year I expect Gigi to be playing at the level he was last year, which was very high. I hope to see him lift our third consecutive Serie A title. Hopefully his leadership skills are once again brilliant next year which will be a great help to the team when they are at a low point. And after himself proving the critics wrong that he was already finished as a great keeper hopefully he does the same again next year as the critics have still not gone away.

Juve's best all time XI !!! (part 3)

This is part 3 of 4 on the Bianconeri's best all time XI where I will be talking about the strike force. Many associate Juve as a defence team based around winning games through defending well but what many don't realise is that some of the best ever strikers played for Juventus and this is why this was such a hard decision.


Alessandro Del Piero

This decision was easier than deciding whether you would want to watch grass grow or watch Juventus vs Milan. If you searched up loyalty in the football dictionary it would just say "Alessandro Del Piero" this legend played 19 years in the black and white stripe of Juventus of which he was captain for 11 years and even stayed at the club when they faced relegation to Serie B. Del Piero also set various records such as the most capped player for Juve which stands at 705 appearances and he also holds the record of most goals scored which stands at 290 the lists of records and awards to his name go on forever and he is easily up there with the best ever players for Juventus.


Roberto Baggio

This legend is thought to be the best Italian footballer ever and well to be honest I find it hard to not agree in certain cases. Baggio wasn't at Juventus for to long but boy did he have an effect by scoring 115 goals in 201 games which is less than a goal every other game. He also won a fair share of trophies including one Serie A title, one UEFA cup and one Coppa Italia. This guys talent was incredible and at times he led poor teams to great success just on his own.

Remember to join me for the final part of Juve's best all time XI very soon !!!

News Today 20/07/13

Juventus made €65 million from the Champions league last year, that is €10 million more than Bayern who knocked out Juve and went on to win the competition.

Juventus have announced that Felipe Melo has joined Galatasary for a fee of €3.75 million plus €0.5 million if Melo gets certain sporting achievements.

Manchester United are interested in Vucinic as he has said that he could leave Juventus this summer.

Bianconeri director Giuseppe Marotta has said that Juve have no plans of selling Mirko Vucinic and Mauricio Isla.

27 year old Marco Motta could be on his way to Zenit after certain reports from Russia.

My player of the season Arturo Vidal has said that he is flattered by the interest of Real Madrid but says he has no intention of leaving Juventus.

Juve have lost out in the race for Stevan Jovetic after he joined Manchester City yesterday.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Juventus Gallery of photo edits made by me ...

I will be making photo edits of all things Juve and Italy of which there will be 10 series of 3 photos per series and I will release each series every 3-5 days. Feel free to use any photos you like, hope you enjoy !!!

Juve's best all time XI !!! (part 2)

In part 2 of the 4 I will talk about my Juventus all time XI midfield. Like the defence this was a hard decision but the four midfielders that I have credited are truly Juventus legends.

Defensive Midfield

Marco Tardelli

This guys celebration in the 1982 world cup final is probably one of the most recognisable celebrations ever but he didn't just celebrate well he also played the game very well. He was able to attack and defend excellently and was always the core of the Juve team. While at Juve he won five Serie A titles, one UEFA cup, one European cup, one Cup Winners' cup and finally the big one the World Cup.

Attacking Midfield

Zinedine Zidane

More commonly known as "Zizou", he was almost definitely the best player of his time but ended his amazing career controversially. The frenchman was recommended to Juve by former Juventino Michel Platini and Zizou became an instant winner at Juve winning two successive Serie A titles before leaving the club three years later for a World record fee of €76 million to Real Madrid. Zizou ended his career very controversially as he got a straight red in the 2006 World Cup Final against Italy for head butting Marco Materazzi.

Attacking Midfield

Michel Platini

Easily one of the best ever Juventus players. Platini was up there with the best playmakers ever to touch   a football and is known by most Bianconeri supporters as the person who scored the winning penalty in the 1985 European cup final. 1985 was not only an amazing year for Juve but even more for Michel Platini who was top scorer in Serie A with 18 goals and top scorer in the Champions League with 7 goals, but he wasn't finished there and went on to win the Ballon D'or in the same year.

Attacking Midfield

Giampiero Boniperti

Many Bianconeri fans have never heard of this legend due to his age but boy was he up there with the greats. Despite finishing his career 52 years ago his record of scoring 182 goals for the club was only recently broken by Alessandro Del Piero. And like Del Piero, Boniperti spent his whole career at the Turin club. The Juventus legend was also included in the Top 125 Greatest Living Footballers in 2004 by Pele.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Juve's best all time XI !!! (part 1)

In this series of blogs I will talk you about my best ever Juventus team. This series will have four parts; part 1 (the defence), part 2 (the midfield), part 3 ( the attack) and part four (the substitutes and manager). I hope you enjoy and finally its time to talk about the best Juventus defence of all time.

With the Bianconeri renowned for being a defensive team who play the typical catenaccio football I found choosing this defence extremely hard but this is my best Juventus defence ever.


Dino Zoff

Although Gianluigi Buffon is an extremely good goalkeeper, Dino Zoff was even better and is regarded by some as the best goalkeeper EVER. Zoff is in the record books for the oldest player to lift the World Cup aged 40 in 1982 but this isn't the only record he holds as he holds the record for longest time without conceding a goal in international games which stands at 1142 minutes. That was just his international career and his Juve career was just as good as he won six Serie A titles, two Italian cups and a Uefa cup.

Right Back

Lilian Thuram

Arguably one of the best right backs ever and definitely one of the best defenders of his time. The Frenchman won four Serie A titles at Juve in just five years. Not only was his Juventus career fruitful so was his international career. He won the World Cup in 1998 in France and the Euro's in 2000. He was recently announced the most capped player ever for France.

Centre Back

Gaetano Scirea

Unfortunately this guy was never able to completely finish his Juventus career as he tragically died in a car crash in 1989 but never the less he had an amazing Juventus career. Captain of the great 1985 Juventus team that won the Champions League. Scirea was just as good defensively as he was going forward and this showed when he helped set up Marco Tardelli's second goal in the 1982 World Cup final which Italy went on to win. All of this makes it easier to understand why so many people say that this legend was the best Italian defender of all time.

Centre Back

Claudio Gentile

If you thought Joey Barton or Pepe were the toughest players ever you have obviously never heard of Claudio Gentile, with players needing to change their pants when they saw this guy running towards them he easily beats the other two to the toughest player ever. A key figure in the 1982 World Cup victory, Gentile was given the role that nobody wanted, to mark Maradona. But Gentile done what no one else was ever able to do and this was to not give Maradona a sniff of a chance. Gentile man marked Maradona so good that Maradona afterwards said "he was my shadow". He also had to deal with Brazil's Zico in the same tournament. The result was the same however Zico returned with a shirt that was completely ripped in half. Claudio Gentile also had a great Juventus career spending eleven years at the Bianconeri winning six Scudetti.

Left Back

Antonio Cabrini

Antonio Cabrini or more commonly known as Bell'Antonio for his appearance was a fantastic wing back and he almost reached the 450 appearances mark for Juventus. He was a very successful player winning near enough every trophy possible including the ones most people can only dream of the World Cup and the Champions League.

Make sure you stay tuned for part 2 where I will announce what I think is the best Juventus midfield ever.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Todays News 18/0713

Liverpool have made an enquiry into Juve striker Alessandro Matri and are now believed to be monitoring the player.

The Bianconeri are believed to have turned down a £10 million bid from Norwich City for striker Fabio Quagliarella.

Juventus have been approached by Zenit for young defender Frederik Sorensen.

Sampodoria are looking to sign Paolo De Ceglie.

Carlos Tevez scored his first goal for the Bianconeri yesterday in a friendly against Val D'Aosta which finished 7-0 to the mighty Juventus.

Juventus target Jonathan Biabiany has been told that he is not for sale.

Juventus will face a bidding war with Inter for Manchester City wing back Aleksander Kolarov.