Monday, 29 July 2013

Team expectations for next year ! (Cagliari)

Last year the Sardinian club faced many problems but surprisingly ended up finishing 11th. Cagliari didn't have a proper home stadium which caused many problems, there president Massimo Cellino was in prison for a short period of time and they sacked their manager in October. Despite all of these hurdles to overcome they managed to find some sort of form and had a great home record and managed to finish a reasonable 11th.

If they expect to finish anywhere near 11th again they are going to need to sort out their stadium. Without a proper stadium they lose support from their fans and ultimately lose out financially. Even if they fix this problem they may face problems with players departing as their star men Nainggolan and Astori look almost certain to leave and other star players such as Sau and Ekdal are attracting interest from other clubs. If they fail to sort out the stadium and lose there star men then I can only see them having to fight a relegation battle but i'm pretty sure that even if they only sort out one of the problems next year I don't see them challenging for the title but I'm sure they will have a comfortable season.

Expected finish = 9th - 12th