Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Player expectations for next year! ( Carlos Tevez)

Due to Carlos never playing in the Serie A before we all don't really know what to expect from him but this is what I expect of him through watching him in the Premier League. 

Tevez is a small, agile and fast player who is capable of scoring from far, close or just about anywhere. I expect him to be a great player for Juve and I'm sure he will get a starting position next year. His physical and technical abilities are great and fit into the style of play in the Serie A. I'm sure he will fit into the Serie A and score lots of goals and even challenge for the top scorer. I think Tevez is the sort of player Juve have been missing, a straight to the point, no nonense finisher who ia garanteed to score goals even when he ia not playing good. I also expect him to work great with Fernando Llorente, Juve's other new striker and hopefully the two of them can create a great partnership that scores plenty of goals in the Serie A in the coming seasons.

This is the last of the Player Expectations series I hope you enjoyed them and be sure to join us every day as we have all the latest Juventus News. FORZA JUVE