Monday, 29 July 2013

Juventus fixture list 2013/14

Today the official list of fixtures for the upcoming season were announced and this is the list ;

1:          Sampdoria vs Juventus
2:          Juventus vs Lazio
3:          Inter vs Juventus
4:          Juventus vs Hellas Verona
5:          Chievo Verona vs Juventus
6:          Torino vs Juventus
7:          Juventus vs AC Milan
8:          Fiorentina vs Juventus
9:          Juventus vs Genoa
10:        Juventus vs Catania
11:        Parma vs Juventus
12:        Juventus vs Napoli
13:        Livorno vs Juventus
14:        Juventus vs Udinese
15:        Bologna vs Juventus
16:        Juventus vs Sassuolo
17:        Atalanta vs Juventus
18:        Juventus vs Roma
19:        Cagliari vs Juventus

I think that Juve have a rather hard line up of fixtures having Lazio and Inter back to back and Torino, Milan and Fiorentina back to back. Despite this I am glad that Juve have Inter and Lazio at the beginning of the season because it gets two tough games out of the way and also makes them have to work hard straight away and therefore shouldn't lead to a laid back nature in the first few games.