Friday, 1 November 2013

Early Season Review

We are only in November so by no means is the season over but in my opinion the beginning of this season has not been up to the quality of the past two scudetto winning seasons.

We started our competitive season well at the Stadio Olimpico when we beat Lazio 4-0 in the Supercoppa. This made me even more confident that we will win the Serie A title for the third consecutive season. The first game of the season was not the best with a mere 1-0 win over Sampdoria where we looked no where near as good as we did in the Supercoppa. Despite this Juve went out into the next game against Lazio looking like their old self demolishing Lazio 4-1. However after this to put it in brief Juve went back to playing with the same low quality as in the Sampdoria game. Despite this we were still getting the results but when we visited Fiorentina we got what we deserved at what we needed. We were 2-0 up but once again we switched off and unlike other games where we were not punished we got what we deserved, a loss and an embarrassing loss. From 2-0 up we lost 4-2. This was the first time we have lost a 2-0 lead since we lost 3-2 to Napoli in 2009. We then had to face arguably the best team in Europe, Real Madrid. Despite losing 2-1 we played extremely well and looked like a much better team and maybe if a few refereeing decisions went our way and if we had just a bit of luck we could have beaten them. This just shows me that despite being third in the league things can only be getting better and I am still pretty sure that we will win our third consecutive scudetto.