Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Special post for Vincenzo !!! Who was my favourite legend who ever played for Juve ???

Well Vincenzo for me this is a rather easy decision despite all the legends that have played their football at Juventus. I used to play as a centre back for my local team despite never being able to watch this legend play for the Bianconeri my dad always said that I reminded him of this legend and this legend was Claudio Gentile and since that day Gentile was always my idol. My dad would show me clips of Gentile and I wished I could play just like him.

Gentile was a rock at the back for Juventus and Italy and whenever an opposing attacker knew they had to play against Gentile they knew that they had to bring another pair of pants. Gentile was a real tough nut and wasn't scared of nobody and was prepared to play dirty if he needed to. Gentile is probably known more for his man marking of Maradona in the 1982 World Cup than he is anything else. With Maradona being the best player in the World at the time every defenders nightmare was to face him but Gentile just took the role like he was marking any old random player. Gentile man marked Maradona the whole game and Maradona didn't even have a sniff of a chance. Years after this game Maradona said "He was my shadow" that proves how tightly he marked the Argentine.

Hope you enjoyed the post Vincenzo. Who was your favourite ever Juventus legend ?